Weight Loss Tea

By Doreen McDowell / September 3, 2015

OK, so you have worked hard at loosing all that weight and you have lost it. You feel terrific, you feel fit and well, you are no longer afraid of the bathroom scales or people taking your photograph, you are a success!

#1 Eating

Chances are the answer is simple- you changed your eating habits! You must have done to loose all that weight. Does forever sound like a long time? Do you truly want to keep that weight lost forever?

# 2 It’s in your mind

Again the chances are your answer will include words like brave, strong, proud, confident and determined.

#3 Exercise

As you know exercise is essential part of a weight loss program. And didn’t you feel so good after exercising and maybe you began to enjoy it when you were actually exercising instead of thinking of it as torture. So stick with those exercises continue to feel great and keep that weight lost forever.